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App-etising Solution to Tackle Supermarket Food Waste 2012-04-03 - 1 Comment

Supermarkets have lots of food that need to be taken off shelves daily: stock that needs to rotate, surplus food like bananas with brown spots, or refrigerated items that have to make place for the new delivery. The supermarkets cannot sell these products, and while they sometimes donate them to food banks, more often than not they toss them in the bin. Thus, almost 50% of edible and healthy food gets wasted in supermarkets across the EU. Now, France-based project Zéro Gâchis is planning to step in by providing a platform for businesses to let consumers know in real-time when they have food reaching expiration, for sale at discounted rates.

Merchants that have stock approaching its expiry date will be able to send Zéro Gâchis price reductions they are willing to make on the products. Consumers with the Zéro Gâchis app in close proximity will then be alerted to the discounts in real-time. This will enable supermarkets to reduce the amount of food waste they generate. At the same time, the likelihood of a purchase being made will be increased due to the immediacy with which customers can take action. In addition to the savings, buyers will gain points each time they take advantage of Zéro Gâchis’ discounts. These points can then be converted into cash directed towards food waste charities such as Restos du Coeur or Banque Alimentaire.

In October 2011, Zéro Gâchis won first prize at the Startup Weekend Bretagne for its innovative idea. Follow Zéro Gâchis website for details of a launch date.


1 John Charles
Food waste is the worstest waste: thousands of people has'nt anything to eat in Africa, and we don't know what to do whith "imperfect" food


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