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Japanese Survey Reports that 50% Say Carbon Footprint Display Improves Product Image 2012-03-27 - No Comments

“The Survey of Consumer Acceptability Regarding Carbon Footprint of Products” responses had been announced on November 1st 2011 by the Mizuho Research Institute. The survey took place in Kanagawa Prefecture in a shopping mall called “Ario Hashimoto” to be precise.

The idea of the survey was to find out the level of awareness regarding carbon footprint. As a first step, the Institute selected twelve items with their carbon footprint labels, indicating their carbon dioxide emissions.

The results of the survey are based on 735 visitors:
50% of the respondents affirm that this carbon footprint label improves the impression of the product and 40% affirm that le label will gives a better impression concerning the brand image of the manufacturer. A generous majority of the polled would like to see this kind if label on food as a first choice, followed by household products, home appliances, clothing and automobiles. However the survey also shows that 70% of the visitors were not familiar with the notion of carbon footprint.



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