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Eco-aware shoppers increasingly opt for zero waste packaging 2012-03-23 - No Comments

The recent ‘Food & Drink Packaging Trends’ survey recently carried out by Mintel UK affirms that the new core purchasing driver is zero waste packaging for eco-aware and cost-conscious consumers. The report shows that British consumers are increasingly conscious of their food waste.

As a result, their priority is strongly focused on the packaging: they want to keep food fresh longer and consequently minimize food waste. Stephanie Moe, the Bord Bia & Beverage sector manager states “Food and packaging manufacturers continue to work together to introduce more environmentally-friendly packaging formats. (...) As well as the environmental benefit, these packaging developments offer savings in transport and storage costs offered by more lightweight packaging formats". Moreover, consumers prefer “clear” packages given that it shows the quality of the product and demonstrates that there is no unnecessary and superfluous packaging.

It is predicted that in 2016, 30% of the population will be over 55 years old. This demographic share represents the new target of the “easy-open” trend which consists in the promotion of easy-to-open jars and bottles as well as smaller pack formats. In fact, the Britain-based Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) affirms that the food waste of a British family represents £680 a year. At national level it represents £12 billion.  As a consequence, eco-aware and cost-conscious consumers are increasingly looking for an appropriate size to their needs.

Consumers also consider the “active” and “intelligent” packaging, however, Stephanie Moe notes that “Advancements in active and intelligent packaging are numerous but their penetration remains limited due to their high costs and technical issues often involved in incorporating them into the production process. Examples of this would be the use of thermo-chrome inks, used in the drinks industry to show when a product is at the correct temperature for consumption ( for example Coors beer bottles).”



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