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Sustainability is often a confusing concept. Not everybody understands what sustainability means. There are plenty of views on how people can live more sustainably, and what they need to do and buy in order to achieve this.

Many retailers have thought how to make their business more sustainable, based on commitments to reducing waste, using more renewable energy, and sourcing products that sustain people and the environment.

Regardless to products, consumers can give a good insight on how they see sustainability and how their supermarket can improve it.

Asda, for example, undertook a monthly Sustainability Study, asking over 6,000 people each month what matters to them when it comes to 'green' issues, in order to help them as retailers understand how they can better help their customers. Customers are the real experts on what people are thinking, feeling and expecting around sustainability in their daily lives.

In the Sustainability Study, Asda asked their customers what green issues they are most interested in and why; what do they do to be green and what they plan to do in the future; as well as what they think retailers should be doing to support their green agenda.

The results turned up to be very revealing: 96% of customers affirm that they care about green issues, with over 70% claiming to care a lot. The green issue is becoming more and more important for the customers.
‘Sustainability is about making smart choices that minimise waste and preserve resources’, says Julian-Walker Palin, head of Corporate Sustainability of Asda.

Moreover, the overall results from the study showed that retailers should focus on five key priorities that concern consumers:

  • Help consumers save money, thus the green products shouldn’t cost more.
  • 100% sustainable products that should be easy to find.
  • Cut the waste, by cutting packaging for example.
  • Support the local community.
  • Use consumers as reliable sources for future studies on sustainability.

It is seen that consumers are a powerful barometer for what public thinks and feels about green issues. ‘Green’ is part of their everyday life, therefore their opinions, concerns and suggestions can be of a great value for retailers and their green policy.


Read full report and its supporting data available to download: Asda Sustainability


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