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Duty to label energy consumption of products in Germany 2012-02-02 - No Comments

In order to implement the new EU regulations that should reorder the „Energy Consumption Labeling Law“(17/8427), the German Federal Government introduced a draft of a new law.

According to this draft, a product has to be labeled with detailed information about its energy consumption, the consumption of other important resources and its carbon dioxide emissions.

The German Federal Government states that the policy of the statute is the reduction of energy consumption by changing consumer information. The government makes clear that the goal of the mentioned consumer information is, to help consumers make their buying decisions and to motivate them to buy more economical and efficient products.

Moreover, the law redefines other products that are relevant to energy consumption. Those are products that consume energy during use but also products “that have an influence on energy consumption without consuming energy themselves“. Tires for motor vehicles were mentioned in this context.




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