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Adidas says 'impossible is nothing' to detox challenge 2011-09-15 - 3 Comentarios

The world's second-largest sportswear brand, Adidas, committed to a zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020, following similar commitments by Nike and Puma.

Adidas announced it has recruited other brands that will gather for an industry forum in Amsterdam at the end of this month to develop a roadmap that will address the 'zero discharge' challenge posed by Greenpeace.

The commitment follows a high-profile campaign by Greenpeace for high street brands to phase out the use of hazardous chemicals in the supply chain.

The first Dirty Laundry report found that a number of brands were linked to Chinese manufacturers that had been accused of spilling harmful chemicals into local water supplies. The second report found the presence of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) in items of clothing bought in the EU bearing labels from brands such as Adidas, H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Following the release of the reports, a number of other clothing brands have also publicly engaged in the detox challenge. Greenpeace welcomed Adidas's commitment, particularly because it stated some very specific and immediate actions.

Adidas also agreed to address the principle of the 'right to know' by ensuring full transparency about the chemicals being released from its suppliers' factories. The company has promised to deliver a detailed plan within the next seven weeks.


1 Victoria Marco
En 2004 ADIDAS lanzó su campaña "Nada es imposible", con historias de superación frente a la adversidad, deportistas explicando sus peores momentos y contando como lograron superarlos. Ahora, este gigante de la industria de prendas deportivas hace realidad su lema al comprometerse a eliminar gradualmente la emisión de productos químicos peligrosos de su cadena de suministros...y la naturaleza se lo agradece !
2 Victoria Marco
En el año 2004, ADIDAS lanzó una campaña cuyo lema era “Nada es imposible”, y se basaba en historias de deportistas que habían superado momentos difíciles de los que no parecía que podrían salir airosos. Ahora, este gigante de la industria de prendas deportivas, con su compromiso de reducir gradualmente los componentes químicos peligrosos de su cadena de producción, alienta la esperanza: ¡ realmente nada es imposible ¡ … y el medio ambiente se lo agradecerá.
3 Manu Alarcón
I think it right that the big multinational brands and sport has a commitment to the environment and eliminate the use of substances harmful to health. because they invest large amounts of money on advertising and pay real sports stars to promote your brand, so it's time to invest in environmental and production costs of ecological materials for the manufacture of its products. Many of these multinational companies manufacture their products in China or India to lower costs of production. To see if the multinational making his first example of anagram "the brand with the three leaves" that made a reference in the world of sport


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