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Green PRO: Promoting Green Products in Romania 2011-05-03 - 1 Comment

Today we would like to present you a Romanian project financed by the LIFE+ programme of the European Commission, which began on 1 January 2010 and will last until 2013.

Green Goals
The “Promoting Green Products” project aims at developing a campaign meant to raise awareness in order to promote the production and consumption of green products. Overall, GREEN PRO promotes the EU environmental policy and market-based tools regarding environmentally friendly products and its main added value is that it promotes the EU environmental policy as well as voluntary tools, such as eco-label, EMAS and the EU business awards for the environment, by the use of market-based tools founded on a consumer-oriented approach.

Within this project, the six partners involved in its implementation are working towards raising producers’ and consumers’ awareness about green products, increasing the recognition of green products compared to the non-environmentally friendly ones, as well as increasing consumers’ preference for green products by proving their financial and environmental benefits.

Green Actions
Moreover, a “green list” and a “black list” of products will be compiled, the latter including goods that could be mistakenly perceived by the consumer as eco-friendly. The awareness raising campaign will include the creation of a DVD movie, the design and distribution of leaflets and e-newsletters, the placement of information stands at supermarkets and more. In addition, several informative events and training sessions are planned, as well as a promotional event, where producers/distributors will be informed on how to apply for the EU business awards for the environment.

Green Attitude Change
In the long run, it is hoped that the promotion of environmental products will reduce the environmental impact caused by production and consumption. Ideally, consumers will identify and express preference for the green products as opposed to the non-green ones, thus modifying the green products’ distribution chain. As a result, more and more green products will be manufactured and used, tipping the overall balance in favour of eco-friendly products. The final goal is to change production and consumption patterns and to minimize the burden on the environment.

Source and more details:
- Green PRO webpage

Es muy interesante producir respetando el medio ambiente y sin riesgos para la salud, ya que estos productos libres de residuos y toxinas, con procesos de maduración naturales son más saludables y poseen mayores cualidades nutricionales. Es importante que estas economías emergentes vayan concienciándose de la importancia de estos valores aplicados a la produccion agraria.


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