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The French Choose Ecological Packaging - Recent Survey Shows 2011-04-20 - No Comments

According to a recent survey carried out by the Ifop Institute for Alliance Carton Nature (ACN), the notion of packaging’s environmental impact is becoming more and more important for the French consumers. 31% of people claim that they choose the product basing on the impact of its packaging, while 70% are willing to change shops if the one they usually go to is not green enough.

The study has also proved that nowadays the French know more about the environmental impact and the different stages of a product’s life cycle. Preceded only by the practicality criterion (60%), the environmental impact is the deciding factor for 31% of people while choosing packaging. Weight and appearance are significantly less important (7% and 2% respectively).

Interestingly, consumers no longer consider the transport stage as the most contaminating one (actually, it only accounts for 10 - 15% of the total impact), but they pay more attention to the exploitation and treatment of resources.

67% of French consumers consider the possibility of recycling as the most important criterion while choosing packaging. However, they also acknowledge their own role in the impact reduction. The impulse for selective sorting might come from a logo informing about sorting (50%) or a greater availability of bins in the neighbourhoods (41%). 37% would gladly sort their garbage if financial encouragement was offered.

The consumers also admit that big retail shops work towards the reduction of the impact of house brand packaging (62%) and elimination of over-packaging (51%). Their expectations are high, however: 93% wish for the shops to give preference to products in eco-friendly packaging, while 70% are ready to change shops if they are not green enough. Even though this last number is lower than in 2010, it is important to note that it is mainly the committed consumers (the 78% who choose labeled products), who are willing to move around in search of certified products.

For more information visit Ifop.

Source: after Les Français et les emballages de produits alimentaires, study by Ifop for ACN, April 2011.


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