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Environment Agency launches initiative to encourage greener business 2012-09-13 - No Comments

Many reports identified a change in attitudes amongst businesses toward sustainable growth in the UK.  The green economy of the country grew by £5.4bn in 2011. A new initiative was launched by the Environment Agency (UK) to encourage debate and discussion on « what it takes to achieve greener businesses in economically challenging times ».

The aim of the initiative is to highlight hundreds of organisations which have a greener business approach, as well as identify SMEs, entrepreneurs and other businesses and help them improve their environmental performance and the reduce carbon emissions.

The discussion will last three weeks. Each one will focus on a different theme: the first will concentrate on waste management, the second - on water management, and the third week will involve discussions on improvements in energy efficiency. After the three weeks, the Environment Agency’s latest Greener Business Report will come out, which will look at the environmental performance of regulated business across England and Wales.

Lord Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency said that businesses are focused on profitability, however, “green” and “growth” are essential elements for economic and social recovery. He added that businesses that will be part of the three weeks’ discussion will set an outstanding example.



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