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Retailers from Toulouse finally recycle their cardboard and it’s a real success! 2012-09-12 - No Comments

One year ago, the waste collection in Toulouse, France, was the same for individuals and retailers. That means that if a retailer wanted to recycle his cardboard, he had to go on a voluntary basis to the recycle point. This system was a real constraint because of several reasons such as:

  • Lack of staff to do this task
  • Time it take to displace it to the recycle point
  • Need to store the cardboard somewhere and accumulate it

Since one year, the city of Toulouse implemented a cardboard collection system for retailers through trucks that drive all around the city centre for the collection. There are now 1200 collection points in the area and around 70 tonnes of cardboard are collected every month. Approximately 100 tonnes of cardboards are needed to produce 90 tonnes of pulp to generate new cardboard.


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