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Towards evaluating products with a sustainability scorecard 2012-08-02 - 1 Comment

Nowadays, many manufacturers, retailers and third-party have developed their own certification programmes to assess the sustainability of a product. This complicates the task of the retails to choose a product to sell in his store if every manufacturer has different methods and criteria. Therefore, a standardized approach is needed, so similar products can be compared using the same measures.

In addition to cutting down consumer confusion, it would also save time and money: companies would only have to answer a standardized questionnaire instead of spending hours completing different questionnaires, each one of them requiring different information about the product.

During “The Future of Product Scorecards for Retailers and Suppliers” webinar held on 24 July, Lise Beutel, a UL Environment senior business consultant, said that various industries and groups are making efforts. An example would be The Sustainability Consortium and the Retail Industry Leaders Association, which is developing a library of common questions to assess sustainability at the enterprise and product level as well as sustainability measures.

However, there are still efforts to be made, especially concerning individual retailers. UL Environment results show that there is no standard approach for greener products sourcing. In addition, there is also a gap between the criteria consumers would like retailers to be focused on and the criteria retailers use.


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Interesant, però és més fàcil trobar projectes sobre productes verds que no sobre empreses verdes, com és el cas de Green Commerce.


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