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Four key techniques to encouraging pro-environmental behaviour 2012-06-28 - No Comments

The DG Environment of the European Commission made a new analysis on “How to encourage pro-environmental behaviour”. The study was made through the analysis of 87 existing studies on pro environmental behaviour (PEB) in order to evaluate them and identify the most effective ones.  This analysis highlighted four categories of techniques:

  • Convenience techniques: this category involves easy ways to change people’s behaviour such as providing water efficient showerheads to householders, disseminate information for example with stickers.
  • Information techniques: It involves providing specific information and facts for example on the amount of recyclable waste going to landfill and provide some guidelines in order to make a change.
  • Monitoring techniques: it includes providing incentives for PEB and also feedback on the impact of behaviour as it can be seen in an electricity bill.
  • Social-psychological techniques: this last technique involves interaction amongst people who already undertake PEB interact and people who still do not and incite them (social modelling technique). It can also involve the prosecution of beliefs and act consequently such as installing energy-efficient light bulbs (foot-in-the-door technique).

It is agreed that none of the techniques are highly effective for all PEB. However, it is true that certain techniques are more suitable for certain PEB.



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