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How do you choose a certifier? 2012-06-27 - No Comments

Following the advice of Gia Machlin, President and CEO of Eco Plum, getting a business green-certified involves choosing a certifier. The label can be issued by:

  • The government: this kind of label involves paperwork and high costs associated. However, it allows the business to be listed in government websites and use their logo on the products, which reassure costumers. Some of the North American most popular are Uncle Sam, Energy Star, USDA Organic or EPA.


  • Non profit organisations and nongovernmental organisations: For this kind of certification, there is less paperwork. However, they have rigorous standards that businesses need to fulfil before obtaining it. They also monitor the businesses very closely and some of them run random audits in order to maintain integrity.  Some of the better known are Green Seal, Green America or Fair Trade USA


  • Other third party organisation: third parties such as consulting firms also deliver eco certifications. They also require verifications of standards prior certification delivering. In addition, they provide advice and consulting services in order to guide them into the standards. The best known are Cradle to Cradle and UL Environment.




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