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Why businesses should care about waste? 2012-05-24 - No Comments

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has elaborated a Guide for Businesses called « Reduce Waste, Save Money ». This guide gives some tips about good practices in order to change customers and businesses behaviour. In addition, it highlights the fact that the generation of waste have a cost. Therefore, by reducing the amount of waste, businesses will save money and at the same time they will take care of the environment.  Recycling is often a cheaper option than sending waste to landfill.

For businesses, prevention is the best way to save money. The idea involves not producing waste in the first place rather than waiting until it is produced and then think how to deal with it.  Businesses can also buy recycled products. Click here and have a look to about 300 recycled products.

Moreover, it gives a competitive advantage: Customers are choosing to “buy green” in order to contribute to the conservation of the planet. Therefore, if the business certifies that it is involved in “green business actions”, it will add a great value. Employees do have to hesitate to talk about it to their customers. Actually, they should explain that they are taking steps to reduce waste and  they need customers’ help.



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