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Tips for managing your waste 2012-05-15 - No Comments

According to the Guide for businesses “Reduce Waste, Save Money”, about 17.5 billion plastic bags are given by the supermarkets in the UK. It represents 130.000 tonnes of plastic and it would be enough to cover an area of a city like London with a layer of bags.

In order to reduce, it is as simple as asking customers if they need a bag. Another simple measure is to provide reusable glasses and mugs to the staff instead of disposable. Reuse is also a good way to limit waste. As an example, the managers of the stores should encourage customers to bring their own shopping bag or reuse incoming packaging for deliveries. Those are simple acts that reduce the amount of waste and at the same time the owner save money! Managers should definitely teach their customers at the checkout point.

In any case, it is always very useful to contact a waste contractor which will always be a great advisor. For sure they can make businesses save money very easily with simple and immediate small behaviour changes.

The Guide provides a list of 10 tips to save money:
1.    Talk to your waste contractor or your council about recycling collections
2.    Ask before giving costumers bags, disposable cutlery, or paper serviettes
3.    Stock loose items where possible and avoid over-packaged products
4.    Purchase good quality durable equipment
5.    Ensure staff have reusable mugs and glasses, not disposable
6.    Use concentrated cleaning products in refillable containers
7.    Reuse incoming packaging and boxes for outgoing deliveries
8.    Use rechargeable batteries and refillable printer cartridges
9.    Reuse envelopes and convert scrap paper into note books
10.    Always print double-sided



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