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Green is in for Zergatik fashion store 2012-05-11 - No Comments

The last Green Commerce Bulletin #10 is out.  This time, we interviewed Lucía Tauil, partner of Zergatik in Donostia-San Sebastian.

She explains how a fashion store can also be sustainable and take care of the environment.

1. Describe your retail store and activity.

It is a fashion and complements retail store. The retail store is divided in two floors: collection and outlet.
Zergatik is a clothes brand born in Pamplona which has been in the market since more than 10 years. It is characterized by its exclusive designs and colourful pattern.

2. What made you join this Green Commerce initiative?
The initiative Green Commerce helped Zergatik to improve its environmental awareness even if lots of guidelines proposed for joining the Green Commerce label were already implemented at Zergatik
3. What aspects of your business did you consider to be environmentally deficient? And which of these aspects have improved since joining the project?
Every day, the brand tries, as part of its business logic, to implement models of sustainable management and materials in every possible field. However, there are some aspects which are unfeasible because of the cost.

Environmental awareness is not a marketing strategy for us. It is part of Zergatik team’s belief: to live in a more sustainable world.

We took this opportunity to implement the protocol to our 3 other stores (Madrid, Oiartzun, Bilbao) and our offices in Urnieta.

We produced a manual to help shop assistants and we try to improve it day after day.

4. What happened until now? What have you discovered or what surprised you in the auditing process? What changes did you do?
We had a good baseline situation. However, some proposals for improvement made by the auditor were very useful, such as:
- the aerator, which is a dispenser for water saving from the tap.
- adapting computer equipment for energy saving. 
- more ecological shopping bags and made of one material. We will start with it when we finish our stock as well as using paper from sustainable forests.

The entrance of the store is illuminated by LED light bulbs. We use low consume light bulbs inside the store, however we plan to replace them by LEDs in the future given that it is cheaper in the long term.

5. How would you value the process, the tools, the proposed solutions and the brand of “Green Commerce”?
We liked very much the practical solutions provided by the technical experts given that it concerned easy things to implement. In addition, it involves costs saving for the company.

6. What are the aspects of this Project you consider most important?
The most important aspects are the environmental and the economical ones as well as the image because our customers have a high sustainable environmental awareness.

7. Do you inform your clients about the Project? How do they react?
Zergatik does not use the project for marketing. However, the brand tries to answer clients’ requests such as the use of sustainable materials and fabrics as far as possible. 

8. Do you have any suggestions or comments for the promoters of Green Commerce?
Yes. We would like this initiative to be boosted and extended to other cities. In addition, there should be a monitoring/control of the members in order to keep moving forward given that this initiative allowed us to make progress in a track that we were already following.

9. What would you advise to other shops that are thinking of joining the Project?
It was very beneficial in terms of costs and for a clean and waste free environment. Also key is the image shown to customers as well as their own role towards a responsible and sustainable consumption.


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